Young Turks at the Wharf

Young Turks. The Clove Club. I’ve written about them before, saying how you should pay attention and take them on, if you can. Read my previous post on them here, if you missed/ignored it last time.

So I won’t write too much about them today. Except to say that they’re at it again, producing awesome food and drink for as good a value as you can get in the capital. Last time it was in an understated and cool loft apartment. This time they’re dishing up at the Wharf in a pseudo 1980’s office environment.

I was sat at ‘the boardroom’ sharing a table with some high flying and massively important Directors and NEDs (aka 3 friends and 4 very amiable strangers).

We ate a colourful and ultimately perfect heritage tomato salad with goats milk and marjoram, lemon sole with fennel and incredibly mushroomy mushrooms, and loganberries and ewes milk yoghurt for dessert. Before we started there was brilliant bread and the yellowest butter you’ve ever seen, Indian salted cucumbers which exploded as you ate them, perfect pea pods and buttermilk chicken popcorn. Somewhere around coffee time we were handed brioche buns filled with coffee ice cream. And in the midst of it all, I remember (and will remember this the longest) eating the most fantastic apple wood smoked and charred fore rib of beef. Which was unbelievably good. Like, ‘never want the dish to end’ kind of level.

Wine was ace, service was spot on, and despite being in a disused office building, the atmosphere was great. I think the Loft Project meal just edges it, but only by a whisker; all in all, it’s another success.

They’re ‘in residence’ for 7 or 8 days more and, as I write, not completely sold out. Slick your hair back, button your collar down, swap your iphone for a brick and go. Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman would trade their finest platinum business card for such an opportunity.

Young Turks at the Wharf in 3 words

Triple A rated.

The Bill

£45 for 4 courses, though the bread, pre food nibbles and ice cream buns made it feel like way more. Great value booze too. Buy, buy, buy.
25 June to 3 July at Heron Quay, Canary Wharf – click here to book