Version 2.0

Hello and welcome to Rocket and Squash v.2.0.

The site is now 2 years old. The original design has served it well – loads of people have commented positively on the look, and that has always been very pleasing.

However, there’s rather a lot of content now, so we (me and my brother – the one behind the website design) decided that an update was due. We wanted to make posts more useful for you; to ensure that archive material is more navigable; and to have a fiddle with the aesthetics generally, with a particular focus on legibility.

We are really pleased. Hopefully you will like it too.

I believe websites are only successful if they are intuitive, so I won’t point out everything. But key changes include:

  • the geographical categorisation of posts, so that you can browse for restaurant ideas depending on where you live or want to go out;
  • location maps at the end of each restaurant post (including all old posts) to save you the Google map search;
  • the ability to browse recipes depending on what meals or courses you’re thinking of cooking;
  • a site ‘footer’, featuring my most recent instagram shots (85% food related) and recommendations for things to read and do – we hope this will make the site more interesting on a day-to-day basis; and
  • a general in-site search function (top right) so you can search for, well, anything, really.

Thanks to my eldest brother for the new illustrations you see on the Eating Out, In and Noted pages, as well as the snazzy knife, fork, spoon things dotted around the place.

However, as with v.1.0, 99% of thanks, credit and praise should really go to another brother, @OliverSmith, for doing all the creative and techie work, and for complying with my irritating requests. Publishers, you should commission him to design your books; companies and creatives use him for your websites; and everyone else should keep an eye out for his exhibitions and buy his work. He wanted me to stress that his next focus is on making the site more mobile and tablet friendly, but I’ll let him get some sleep first.