This Dish – Episode 3 – James Knappett

The tasting menu at Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs involves somewhere between ten and fifteen small dishes, each of which uses just a few ingredients. The head chef, James Knappett, changes that menu daily, taking inspiration from the intriguing produce his suppliers bring him, or that he and his team have foraged. He doesn’t take an overly philosophical approach – it’s just about what tastes good together. In this dessert, the winning combination is beetroot, liquorice and sour cream.

This is the third episode in a series of short films and interview podcasts titled ‘This Dish’. The aim of the series is to shed a little light on the food being cooked by some of London’s top young chefs – sometimes there’s more than meat and two veg than meets the eye. Hopefully you think it worthwhile.

To find out more about the project, have a look at Episode One, which features Arnaud Bignon from the Greenhouse Restaurant, and his sweetbread, artichoke, parmesan and coffee starter. Then look at, which is the repository for all of the films and also features a great hogget, monk’s beard and anchovy dish by Nicholas Balfe of Salon, Brixton.

This Dish was devised by Ed Hancox and me, Edward Smith. The first four films were co-directed and produced by both Eds, with camera, sound and post production by Ed Hancox. The podcasts were edited by Edward Smith.

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