The Platter Chip Wrap

Ten to fifteen years ago, I was aware of just one set of weekend recipes: those in the Times and occasionally the Sunday Times – because that was the family paper. I’d read each recipe and I filed most of them away in the old memory palace.

Now, all newspaper recipes, bar those of The Times, are freely available on the internet (you don’t use up your FT and Telegraph quota on ‘news’ do you?!). Not only that, but there are a growing number of cooking supplements in addition to the regular food columns.

Theoretically, the result is that we are gifted a veritable punnet of ideas every week. But as with supermarket strawberries, this punnet has a dark and soggy bottom. There are so many recipes squashed in that we (or I, at least) have started to pay less and less notice. We are spoilt, so are less grateful. How many recipes from last year’s papers do you remember? How many did you actually cook?

This seems wrong. Those poor food writers. All that work, not enough attention. And poor us! All that information, no filter.

Well, the good people of the food photo app Platter and I decided times must change. Starting this week, and hopefully for a good while going forward, I will read and consider every single recipe published by a weekend broadsheet. Maybe I’ll scour a few random sources too. I’ll definitely cook at least one thing. Then, every Monday, you get to read a digest of what’s out there. With links (get subscribing through the paywalls – I like a bit of Gizzi and Rowley).

You can find this week’s edition of ‘The Chip Wrap’ on Platter’s website here. It’s had great feedback so far. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

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