The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook by Danny Bowien

The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook
Danny Bowien and Chris Ying
Published by Ecco
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The cookbook tracking the story and recipes behind the award winning and addictive chef, restaurant and food. This represents where popular food is at in 2016 – fast, fine casual restaurants serving food that takes a lead from a cuisine, but is happy to drag in other influences if that makes things taste better. Balls to authenticity, here’s Kung Pao pastrami and Mission Spiced lamb. “Nothing else matters. Only deliciousness” says Bourdain in the forward. Anyone with a taste for Sichuan pepper and pork fat should be interested in this.

Who should have it?

Advanced cooks and keenos. People wanting to discover new cuisine.

Recipes to look out for

Broccoli beef; Mission Chinese Food’s Mapo Tofu; shaved pork belly and octopus terrine with married-couples vinaigrette.

If you’re already a fan

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