Tender by Nigel Slater

Tender, Volumes I and II
Nigel Slater
Published by 4th Estate
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Tender might be my ideal cookery book. Well, technically there are two books, one volume to cover vegetables, the other fruits. These are divided into specific ingredients (beetroot, cabbage, courgettes etc), with each chapter featuring mouthwatering recipes, personal, friendly but authoritative introductory prose, as well as hints and tips not covered in more detail in the recipes. So it’s a book to take to bed and read, to find recipes to follow, and stumble upon ideas that you can take and develop in your own manner. Beautifully put together.

Who should have it?

Food fans. Suited to both beginner and more confident cooks, and those who like to be drawn in by prose.

Recipes to look out for

So many (they’re two big books). Steamed pork in an aromatic broth, celeriac purée; a stew of oxtail and onions for a cold night; chickpeas with pumpkin, lemongrass and coriander.

If you’re already a fan

Add The Kitchen Diaries to your shelves too – volume I is my favourite.