Supplemental supplemental

Alright there my lovers?

I’ve managed to keep this #Supplemental thing going from as far away as Lombardy, Tuscany, Dubai and even Cumbria. But this weekend’s travel has defeated me – I’m in the West Country and, you know what they say in Cornwall: “we grow tomorrow’s produce, but get last week’s news”.*

Honestly, it’s been literally impossible for me to read the papers over the last couple of days. The national broadsheets don’t get to Port Eliot till tomorrow and the internet is another five years away.

In lieu of my thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment with a link to the recipes you read. Did anyone’s recipe column catch your eye? Did you cook anything? Any massive wins or mega fails?

I thought, however, that I’d use the opportunity to step back, look at seven months of ploughing through each and every weekend recipe, and launch the inaugural (/one off), clunky and totally subjective #Supplemental Mid Year Awards.

SO, cue drum roll, enthusiastic rounds of applause, and poker faces from those disappointed not to be mentioned …

  • Most number of recipes I’ve cooked: a tie between Diana Henry and Mark Hix (4 each)
  • Most appearances in the ‘Weekend Menu’: Comfortably Mark Hix (13 dishes), followed by Ottolenghi (6). Non-regular columnists feature 17 times, which is interesting (or not).
  • Best dedicated food supplement: FT Weekend quarterly food specials
  • Paper that needs to shake up their recipe offering and add a bit of soul: The Times (Saturday)
  • Favourite new voice: a tie between Tom Kerridge (lush) and Mary-Ellen Mctague (ignores fluffy flowery prose, just gives it to us straight). Both are Guardian contributors.
  • Favourite regular voice: difficult, this one. At the outset I assumed it would’ve been Ottolenghi or Slater. But, actually (and as reflected by the recipes I’ve cooked), it’s a tie between Hix and Henry.

That’ll do for now.

If you must have a link to a recipe, have a look at Helen Graves’ dirty filthy BBQ Adana kebab rolls, which won the internet this week.


*there’s absolutely no basis to this made up quote – just a touch of casual racism.