Supplemental #87

Another week where I’m playing hunter and hunted, so this is the (almost entirely) positive bullet note package:

  • The thing about last month’s Observer Food Monthly awards edition was that there wasn’t enough space for recipes. They made up for that on Sunday with the first of two Christmas specials. Top quality ideas came by way of: the ace Olia Hercules and her whole roasted hake with a herby, sweet and sour sauce; the ever wonderful Jeremy Lee’s flamboyant desserts (mincemeat meringue pie; St Clement’s trifle; walnut and pineapple meringue cake); various Nordic feast recipes; not to mention roast duck with prune and apple stuffing; and Nigel’s sweet treats.
  • I was also very keen on Nigel Slater’s orange and poppy seed cake in the Observer’s normal glossy mag.
  • Also, the various things that the Kitchen Cooperative did with a batch of braised chickpeas in the Guardian’s ‘Cook’.
  • Baked apples with salted fennel custard and hazelnut crunch? Don’t mind if I do, Tommi.
  • Utterly intrigued by Luiz Hara’s Japanese-Brazilian fusion featured in The Telegraph. Luis has been a mainstay at the top end of supper clubs for years, now, and these recipes give an insight into his new book. Deep fried chicken nanban and Nikkei piri-piri chicken looked particularly tempting.
  • I’ve just eaten a massive Sunday lunch (various starters; huge, T-Rex size beef shin; warm apple cake). But there’s just enough room for Diana Henry‘s roast apple, blackberry and whisky pots. Well, one of them at least.
  • Mark Hix was cooking for one. Trout with almonds is old school but good. Aubergine with black bean sauce? I could settle-in to the sofa with that.
  • Saturday’s Times had nine things to do with chicken wings. Nine! All from a book solely about wings. Because obviously that was missing from your collection.
  • Florence’s lamb shoulder, orecchiette and cabbage in The Sunday Times. Ffffnnnnar.
  • Honey & Co’s Thanksgiving option is a chicken stuffed with cracked wheat, apples and fennel.
  • You’ll make that, I’m sure. But maybe bookmark my suggestions in the Independent on Sunday on the same US-festive theme for next year, yeah? Venison salami with salted and light pickled heritage beets; Wild fowl and pickled walnut suet pie; pumpkin, maple and pecan cheesecake. G’wan, click on the picture below to read more.


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