Supplemental #86

The photo is not completely off message. Those buildings above the lake are part of a Swedish hunting estate, within which the restaurant Fäviken sits. A meal there on Thursday evening marked the start of a fairly magical long and food filled weekend in Sweden and Norway. All of which, I suppose, is a smug and relatively long winded way to say that it’s an abridged #Supplemental today.

Actually, that was always going to be the case and will be for the rest of November. You’ll see from the last bullet that I’m not well placed to be a sarcastic commentator for a few weeks. So it’s the highlights package instead.

Without further waffle, the recipes and columns that caught my eye this weekend included:

  • I’m tempted to just put a link to the Guardian food site, because there was so much good content from those pages on Saturday. But as that’ll stop being useful by Tuesday.
  • I note, instead, that the words and Ethiopian recipes from Mazi Mas in ‘Cook’ are a joy; Thomasina’s miso buttered kippers seem so mad they must be amazes; I thought Yotam’s scrambled eggs with spinach, dukkah and soldiers looks a good bet for brunch next Saturday; and high fives all round for the proper food writing quality twice cooked broccoli pasta recipe from Rachel Roddy in ‘Cook’.
  • I’m writing this on a dark and windy Sunday evening with fireworks bouncing round the Islington streets as though we’re playing out a scene from Black Hawk Down. Sir Nigel’s cooked apple recipes in the Observer magazine seem entirely appropriate for the weather, if not the war zone.
  • Diana Henry’s sausage recipes are all very inviting. Bangers baked with eggs, beans and feta; roast with pumpkin, sage and mushrooms. That sort of thing.
  • Look also on The Telegraph’s pages to Stephen Harris’ roast red cabbage with mustard apple vinegar.
  • And to Florence Knight’s celeriac, potato and sage tortilla in The Sunday Times.
  • Nigella was in the FT with some ideas for morning eating. I had some trouble getting through the paywall this weekend, but I imagine the recipes were lush.
  • Finally, I’m holding the Independent on Sunday cookery column baton for the rest of November. My first set of recipes are themed around flavours and ingredients that I’ve grown to love – anise, cardamom, anchovies and capers and so on. Have a look – I hope you enjoy (and cook) them.