Supplemental #84

Another abridged #Supplemental. It’s almost as though I’m discovering more important things to do on a weekend. Usual service will be resumed. At some point.

Favourites from a cursory glance include:

  • Anna Jones on farro in The Sunday Times.
  • Cakes from Fernandez and Wells (love a good olive oil and rosemary number).
  • Yotam’s baked peppers. The kind of food that people want to book mark as kitsch and dated … but it’s just such good comfort fodder.
  • Jane Baxter’s Sri Lankan breakfast in the guardian’s ‘Cook’, which takes some influence from Victoria Park Pavilion Café’s version of the same meal – I’m a big fan of this (though prefer string hoppers to pancakes) and predict that this cuisine’s about to go all Peru/Korean/kale is the new black on us.
  • Cook also ran a supplemental supplement on the theme of Roasts. This’ll be drip released online through the week, so keep your eyes peeled – some great content.
  • If you caught the chard bug from my recipe earlier this week, Nigel Slater’s will feed the flu further. Check, also, his mellow autumnal dishes – guinea fowl and pear pot roast and the sweet fig and dark chocolate loaf looked particularly good.
  • HELLO the Honey & Co chocolate slice with pecan and orange in the FT Weekend Magazine. Clean eating, schmean eating.
  • Stephen Harris on Nordic stuff for The Telegraph.
  • Interesting to see Neil Rankin in the Indy on Sunday breaking the home cooking mould and suggesting resto techniques – his roast chicken involves slowly, gently cooking the bird (at 120C) for a 1 1/4 hours, resting and then finishing at full whack. A trick of the Sunday lunch trade – and a good one too.
  • Good too (I think?) to see Mark Hix provide a recipe for a chocolate sandwich fried in butter. (2 slices of brioche. Chocolate. Butter. Mind explodes.)
  • And with probably the cookery column of the weekend, Diana Henry got excited about preserved lemons. Both the method for preserving your own, and a lovely set of suggestions: recipes for lamb stuffed with preserved lemons, dates, kales and shrouded in a cayenne butter; and seared tuna with an olive, avocado and preserved lemon relish; plus the mere suggestion of toast topped with labneh, dates and preserved lemons (a sprinkle of toasted seeds/nuts and some honey or date molasses too, perhaps?)

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