Supplemental #183

Now then. I wasn’t going to bother this weekend, because like you: sun. But I did glimpse a few gems. So here’s a list of those. I may well have missed other great bits — feel free to add them.

  • The only way The Telegraph and the author of The Ultimate Wood Fired Oven Cookbook, Genevieve Taylor, could have better timed ‘the A to Z of BBQ‘, was if it had been printed on a dull and grey weekend when people actually bought the paper. Still, loads of great things in there, plus a number of notable recipes, like lamb and date burgers with minted yoghurt, and barbecued French bread with grilled nectarines, mint and chilli.
  • The Sunday Telegraph ‘Stella Magazine’ housed three of Diana Henry’s sesame-based recipes, but I only had eyes for tahini ice cream with griddled mango and lime. *Slobbering emoji face*
  • Also in The Telegraph at some point this weekend: Rose Prince’s gooseberry, ginger and almond pickle to cut through pork belly, plus a neat smoked trout mousse starter topped with masses of fine herbs.
  • I’m a ‘uuuuge fan of Max Halley and his sandwich shop (for more on that, read this), so it’s ace to see his recipe book is now ready to grace our shelves. Check out recipes in The Sunday Times Magazine such as the bhaji smuggler, and his ‘hail to the king’ PBJ, bacon and jalapeño number, and then go get his tome.
  • On which note, read Debora Robertson on cookbook truths and lies.
  • As is so often the case, plenty of good things from The Guardian ‘Feast’ regulars, not least Yotam on asparagus (the anchovy and pine nut crumbs, and the kale and grilled asparagus salad) and Meera Sodha’s Maharastran usal.
  • Also, useful life tip for the week came via Rachel Roddy: “Leave it [mozzarella] in its plastic bag surrounded by the cloudy sire (whey), at room temperature, until you are ready to eat it. Placed on a chilly shelf, mozzarella is like an inadequately dressed person on a cold day: it braces and seizes up, losing its soft velvety texture and, like a cold tomato, doesn’t taste of much.
  • Arguably the recipes that stood out the most, though, were Ruby ‘every other week’ Tandoh’s sticky blueberry miso buns, and The Marksman’s party snacks — things like egg, brown shrimp and caper buns, salt cod and sweetcorn fritters, and pork hand pies with quince mustard. Eyes online for these through the week.
  • The only problem with Honey & Co’s FT Weekend recipe for alfajores (Argentinian cookies that sandwich dulce de leche and are then themselves dipped in chocolate), is that it makes twelve and I’d eat them all within sixty seconds. *Green face feeling queasy emoji*
  • Finally for now, from t’internet, I’m intrigued by NYT food writer David Tanis’ savoury ham and cheese brioche ‘pudding’. Not for this weather, but one to try at some point.

Like I say, no doubt there’s more. But I’m missing out on valuable burn time.

p.s. asparagus and lardo entirely unrelated. Running out of seasonal stock photos…

Weekend Menu, 6 & 7 May 2018

kale and grilled asparagus salad

Yotam Ottolenghi, The Guardian ‘Feast’

Bhaji Smuggler

Max Halley, The Sunday Times Magazine

Tahini ice cream with griddled mango and lime

Diana Henry, The Sunday Telegraph ‘Stella Magazine’

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