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Recipes! From this weekend’s papers! Digested! (and stuff)

The Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

I think there were various food items that made the Tele-papers, but haven’t yet jumped online (if ever). But of the bits that did:

Me likey Flora Shedden’s ice cream sandwiches: a bramble swirl between two shortbread, or vanilla ice cream within walnut choc chip cookies.

Diana Henry‘s absolutely right to say we should view spring onions — scallions — as legit ingredients, not just things to be chopped and thrown raw as a garnish (and subsequently left on the plate). Look, in particular, as recipes for a spring onion tart and yakitori style chicken and spring onion skewers.

And ring the *New Columnist klaxon*: it seems Tom Kerridge has been added to the Telegraph roster with a fortnightly Sunday lunch column. There was no particular theme to his Spanish starter, Asian-ish main and fruity fool this week (don’t make ’em all at once). But the spiced crown of chicken, sweetcorn fritters and pickled chilli did look good; and peach and raspberry champagne fool tempts too.

The FT Weekend Magazine

This week the Honey & Co duo suggested we get our chilled tomato and basil soup game sorted.

The Times and Sunday Times

The Sunday Times Magazine featured recipes from a new book by yoof blog and instagram starlet Izy Hossack. I liked the look of roasted beetroot, cumin and crispy chickpeas.

Also in that glossy, Candice Brown’s sausage roll seemed decent. The recipe includes a rough puff pastry from scratch, and the sausage meat includes streaky bacon, paprika, cayenne, garlic, mushrooms, sage, thyme &etc.

Saturday’s Times Magazine was a foodie special. Or, more specifically, a people who’ve been on TV food competitions special. So there was also an interview with, and recipes from, recent Masterchef (what, that horse is still being flogged?) winner Saliha Mahmood Ahmed. There were a bunch of different recipes, though I was particularly intrigued by the apple and tamarind curry, and cubed lamb with golden sultanas, saffron and tamarind.

And it seems Nadiya Hussain will back on our screens soon. The Times’ interview reinforces her bubbly, honest, engaging character — I suspect the forthcoming Nadiya’s British Food Adventure will go down a storm. Recipes from the accompanying book were extracted in the magazine too, all on an “easy Asian” theme. Tofu coconut katsu curry, prawn and orange curry and carrot and parsnip bhajis caught my eye.

The Guardian and Observer

I had planned to make one of Nigel Slater’s cherry recipes today — either the cherry and blueberry pie, or a mighty cherry, elderflower cordial and honey sloshed polenta cake. But my wife ate all the fruit I’d bought in one afternoon sitting. So, we had gruel and awkward silence instead. Still, look to the Observer Magazine for the recipes.

Nigel vied with Yotam for the title of “this weekend’s best summer fruit recipe column”. I’d happily be served any of Sir Ottolenghi’s three ideas for strawberries: a puff pastry and creme pat tart (the berries macerated with basil, lime and vanilla), an overripe berry ketchup, and strawberries with sorrel ice cream (kudos if you keep the ice as bright as in the picture — sorrel tends to turn sludgy).

Cook included a super-rich chocolate cake from Jeremy Lee — complete with espresso coffee custard. “Showstopping” (heart stopping?). Though it seems a few ingredients may’ve been missed from the method.

It also housed recipes from one of my favourite London-based chefs, Lee Tiernan. I missed last week’s barbecue ones. But this week was all about hangover recovery fuel. Mapo tofu with fried eggs would go very well indeed. Cardamom and fennel seed chicken with aioli is probably good regardless of how fuzzy your head is.

Congratulations and cin cin to Rachel Roddy for winning not one but two gongs at the Guild of Food Writers Awards last week. Too right — her words n recipes r alwayz well gud innit. This weekend’s offering was no exception: sausages and greens Napoli-style so simple, yet so appealing.

And finally from the Graun’s cooks, Tommi Mier’s Weekend recipes included this one for spatchcocked lemon chicken with roasted green olives. Have that for your Sunday roast soon.

From the internet

Hmm, I say that’s that from the Guardian lot. But there’ve been Aussie recipes filtering through to the British website recently, which I don’t think make the paper edition. This pear and gingerbread pudding cake thing from Supernormal* chef Andrew McConnell, for example, looks killer. (*Q. good and V. trendy Melbourne restaurant.)

Is Poke really a thing? Like, beyond journos telling us it is? I dunno. Even so, over the summer period this basic raw tuna, white rice assembly is basic and probably a good weekday supper.

Weekend Menu, 24 and 25 June 2017

Chicken and spring onion skewers

Diana Henry, The Sunday Telegraph ‘Stella’

Sausages and greens Napoli-style

Rachel Roddy, The Guardian ‘Cook’

Cherry and blueberry pie

Nigel Slater, The Observer 

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