Supplemental #128

A whistle-stop trip through the recipe highlights this weekend

  • More Rick Stein recipes from his new book Long Weekends in The Sunday Times, including Piri Piri chicken, and a tarte de Amendoa – where almonds rather than ground almonds make up the filling. Coincidentally I enjoyed this for dessert at Barrafina on Saturday night, though there they use chunks of almonds, Stein’s are flaked.
  • A day earlier, Nadiya Hussain’s recipe was also tart shaped – a honey and lemon twist on a classic treacle number.
  • Also, Donna Hay recipes for rapid suppers. Things like: pork chops with giant couscous, hummus and za’atar: roast cauliflower and tuna spaghetti: harissa meatballs. Decent flavour combos.
  • In The Telegraph, Stephen Harris on pesto and also a gorgeous halibut with vegetable pistou.
  • And a set of fiery recipes from Thomasina Miers. I was very keen on the prompting for a pork laab salad. Also, another tart – dark chocolate, chilli caramel and macademia decadence.
  • Chicken thighs in a plum, coriander and fennel seed marinade, baked with more plums, celery, garlic and onion – simple, seasonal and effective cooking by the Honey & Co duo in the FT Weekend.
  • Some luxury from Rowley Leigh – lobster risotto. For anyone confused by the measurement “a jigger of brandy”, Google suggests 44ml (1.5 fluid oz). So that’s helpful. (A double shot glass will do the trick).
  • Lovely, reminiscing words and ace recipe for a ‘seafood sizzle’ by Rosie Birkett in the Guardian Cook. Squid, clams, prawns, garlic, ginger, chilli, spring onions etc, with preserved lemon as a twist.
  • Ottolenghi picked up the pepper baton that Nigel Slater had been holding last week. Yotam’s recipes included roast baby peppers with paneer and a chilli and ginger dressing, and peppers stuffed with lamb and egg. Oh, and a tart (pepper and feta).
  • Polish pigeon and buckwheat stuffed cabbage and ‘gypsy style’ buckwheat in Zuza Zak’s Residency column. Love the matter of fact instruction: “serve with a gherkin”.
  • More pigeon in Thomasina Miers’ Guardian mag column – served with porcini laced lentils and apples dressed with vinegar and cooking juices.
  • Really liked Claire Ptak’s pear eve’s pudding.
  • A thoughtful summary of events in Amatrice from Rachel Roddy, plus a recipe for bucatini all’amatriciana.
  • Nigel suggested chocolate for breakfast. In the form of chocolate and blackberry muffins, or porridge with pears, seeds and chunks of dark chocolate stirred through.
  • And, I’m waiting patiently for Anna Jones’ Modern Cook recipe to go online. Tick tock.

#Supplemental cooking

As you can see, I had a crack at Ottolenghi’s stuffed peppers. An excellent hangover cure, though I’d amend the instructions to suggest making an egg-shaped well in the mince before cooking, rather than 30 minutes into the process. Difficult to do that and to get the eggs to behave when the meat’s browned and set.

From the internet

Have a browse through The Gannet’s relaunched site, then settle down with Fuchsia Dunlop’s steamed chopped pork with salted fish.

Weekend Menu, 8 and 9 October 2016

Lobster risotto

Rowley Leigh, FT Weekend

Pigeon, lentils and apple

Thomasina Miers, The Guardian

Tarte de Amendoa

Rick Stein, The Sunday Times