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Tomatoes are an every day occurrence for me at the moment. Not just any tomatoes though. I mean, like, reallllly good tomatoes – because they’re best right now, aren’t they? Nigel Slater seems to agree, and I’m delighted he provided two new ideas for my mealtimes in his Observer column yesterday: a curry, of sorts, with turmeric, tamarind, chilli, cumin and courgettes; and a simple sandwich, enlivened by a paste made from fresh coriander. Both will be assembled this week.

What other recipes were on offer you ask? Here’s a quick rundown.

    • Tommi Miers’ slot in the Guardian Weekend continues to go great guns. On Saturday she suggested spiced sweetcorn fritters with ginger yoghurt; and awesome looking honey and cumin glazed quail with a spiced corn salad.
    • Her stablemate Yotam Ottolenghi is keeping the standards up, too – this week with timely recipes for blackberries. I’m heading to the hedgerows to pick some for pickling. Then I’ll catch a duck to go with those. Perhaps throw a few more into a bitter leaf and peach salad. Lush stuff.
    • Lettuce cups (‘bombs‘) filled with melted camembert, hazelnuts, figs and thyme by Jamie Oliver in The Sunday Times. Possibly a bit of a faff – a simple baked camembert with fig jam, hazelnuts and thyme would sate cravings.
    • In the same magazine, Florence Knight’s recipes relate to a set of Abel and Cole recipe boxes. Pork chops, plums and Swiss chard; and beef, kale and lentils would make for a tasty supper.
    • There were ‘easy and light’ Indian recipes in The Times Weekend.
    • Good sounding raspberry yoghurt loaf (cake) by Nadiya Hussain in The Times Magazine. She uses freeze dried raspberries, not fresh (or frozen) ones, as the latter would lead to a soggier sponge.
    • And a few pages earlier, Donna Hay’s odds n sods included a tempting ras el hanout and preserved lemon rind butterflied leg of lamb. Dukkah crusted salmon with chilli and cucumber salad caught the eye too. Plus the Brussels sprouts, broccoli and courgettes green curry.
    • FT Weekend readers received a potato, aubergine and John Dory sorta sandwich from Rowley Leigh.
    • Diana Henry reported to Sunday Telegraph readers from Sicily. Baked sausage with potato, tomato and herbs; pasta with pistachio and ricotta pesto; tuna tartare with capers, pine nuts and orange. A mention of an orange, onion and olive oil salad in her intro is an idea I’ll hold onto.
    • Also on The Telegraph site were brunch bits from Dan Doherty’s book Toast, Hash, Roast, Mash. Oven roasted tomatoes and goat’s cheese; smoked salmon and cream cheese Scotch eggs; and pancakes with rum roasted pineapple (like all the best breakfasts, basically a pudding).
    • Just the one recipe from Claire Ptak in Cook – but it’s a lengthy one. It seems there’re a few steps involved when making chocolate eclairs.
    • Really nice recipes (again) from Gill Meller for his Cook Residency. This week he looked at making the most of the seasons plums. I enjoyed the idea of rosemary enhanced plums with labneh on toast; and the plum, anise and almond tart is a no brainer. He left us a recipe for jam too. Do check out his excellent book, Gather.
    • Cutely named ‘Nuclear pickles‘ from the Ukraine were the focus of Olia Hercules’ contribution to Cook. I’m really into lacto-fermeting at the moment, and love the idea of these quick and only ever-so-slightly soured cukes. (Coincidentally, I’m currently trialling Olia’s fermented toms from Mamushka, hence the pic at the top.)
    • I love, love, LOVE, Anna Jones’ ideas for quick flatbread suppers (also in Cook). From half cooking beaten eggs, adding a tortilla, flipping it and topping with capers, gherkins, fresh herbs, avocado and yoghurt; to butternut squash and feta quesadillas, these recipes are light and zippy and such a breath of fresh air.

Weekend Menu, 10 and 11 September 2016

Sicilian tuna tartare

Diana Henry, The Sunday Telegraph ‘Stella’ 

Honey and cumin quail, spice corn salad

Thomasina Miers, The Guardian

Plum, anise and almond tart

Gill Meller, The Guardian ‘Cook’

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