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Too hot and sweaty to read the papers over the last couple of days? Worried you missed something amazing in the food sections? No fear – here are the best of the recipes from the weekend’s glossy (and uncoated) supplements. (Wilf’s posing was the very best thing, mind.)

  • So many ace Jiangnanese recipes in the Observer Food Monthly, extracted from Fuchsia Dunlop’s new book ‘Land of Fish and Rice’. The tome is seriously good – it’s proper – and I have a feeling I’m going to be cooking from it a great deal. If you want to try before you buy, check out the likes of oil exploded prawns, red braised pork and soupy rice with chopped greens.
  • Nigel Slater couldn’t have picked a better weekend to provide OFM readers with recipes for ‘high summer’. So, what to eat on a balmy day? Asparagus and prawn tart, roast chicken salad with cherries and cornichons, and white peach, rose petal and cherry jelly looked good.
  • Nigel’s recipes in the normal magazine were hammy – gammon glazed with apricots, and a refreshing assembly of watermelon, ham, basil and yoghurt.
  • I’m keen on Tommi Miers’ herby pork chops with warm gooseberry sauce. and there’s a peach and hazlenut cobbler thrown in for good measure.
  • Also, big fan of Yotam Ottolenghi’s roast chicken with preserved lemons – and all the delicious bits that went with it (buckwheat and French bean salad; spring onions with herbs and nigella seeds; new potatoes with peas and coriander). Lovely summer evening meal, that.
  • Would you rather eat outside? Anna Jones’ picnic recipes in the Guardian’s Cook supplement will help. In particular the toasted cashew, coconut and herb noodle salad.
  • More picnic bits from Brad McDonald (in same paper). Pickled ham, grilled peaches and nasturtiums is particularly tempting. [Incidentally, this, Nigel’s ham, Fuchsia’s red braised pork and Tommi’s herby chops are my justification for the piglet picture at the top of this post.]
  • Rachel Roddy’s Sicilian stuffed bread intrigues.
  • As do Claire Ptak’s courgette cheese puffs and zucchini (*cough* COURGETTE, CLAIRE), ginger and olive oil bread (sounds amazing).
  • For a Swiss chard tian and amusing words from Rowley Leigh, seek out the FT Weekend.
  • We haven’t seen Florence Knight in the papers for a while. But she was back in the Sunday Times with a bunch of dishes that taste better the next day – including a chicken and preserved lemon tagine (same flavours as Yotam, different format); and poached peaches (riesling) with hazelnut meringue.
  • The Saturday Times magazine had a taste of Ibiza. Not late nights and banging tuuuuuuuunes. More, tomato and watermelon salads (good right now), clams with squid ink pasta, gazpacho, peach cava sangria and various other bits from Anne Sijmonsbergen, ‘Ibiza’s only organic tomato farmer’.
  • Strawberry and cream eclairs by Nadiya Hussain in the same mag.
  • Plus a handful of cakes and muffins ‘worthy of dessert’ in the Weekend section. I really liked the sound of an apricot and lemon verbena buckwheat sponge.
  • There were more lemony chicken recipes in the Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine. Diana Henry tells us that Marcella Hazan’s roast chicken method is essential. What makes it noteworthy? Two bashed lemons are stuffed in the cavity, and the cavity held closed with cocktail sticks (steam from within, I guess). Oh, and it’s a breast down to begin with kinda process. Interesting. Though I was probably more drawn to Diana’s cumin and lemon marinated thighs with diced cucumber, dill and yoghurt.
  • Also in the Telegraph, Stephen Harris let mackerel fillets sit in miso and sake for a couple of hours, before frying them and serving with a chilled lettuce and creme fraiche sauce.

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Weekend Menu, 16 and 17 July 2016

Pickled ham, grilled peaches and nasturtium salad

Brad McDonald, The Guardian ‘Cook’

Miso Mackerel with lettuce sauce

Stephen Harris, The Telegraph (Saturday)

White peach, cherry and rose petal jelly

Nigel Slater, Observer Food Monthly

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