Supplemental #115

Little bit busy atm, so it’s just a rapid fire rundown of the best recipes I saw this weekend. No doubt there were other good (and probably some mediocre) things out there. Feel free to leave recommendations.

  • The Guardian Weekend magazine had a 12 strong selection of summer salads. Look out for Gary Usher’s hispi, cashew and apricot salad with sesame and lime dressing; Peter Gordon’s lamb neck, figs, feta, olives assembly; Tommi’s peach fattoush; Nathan Outlaw’s crab and tomato mix; and Meera Sodha’s fennel and apple chaat with caramelised almonds – which I had for my supper on Sunday and can highly recommend.
  • Brad McDonald’s second Cook residency column was, well, frankly it made me hungry. BBQ goat shoulder and blueberry cobbler.
  • Yotam proposed a set of ices. Somewhat optimistic, perhaps, but useful for reference. Particularly the saffron ice cream sandwiches and no churn raspberry ice cream.
  • Big Nige wrote about fregola. Mixed with orange and cucumber as a[nother] fresh summer salad, and classic Slater comfort in the form of sausage and fregola mixed through with harissa.
  • In The Sunday Telegraph, Diana Henry suggested three gorjeooous ways to make the most of your honey pot: Lamb chops with a walnut salsa, drizzled with honey; honey madeleines; and honey and lavender ice cream.
  • One day earlier, Stephen Harris went where others had gone last week with a cherry clafoutis and cherry ice cream.
  • Yet more frozen treats in Claire Ptak’s Cook column, where she laid down instructions for a raspberry lemon verbena sorbet. Also a raspberry filled buckwheat crepe.
  • Ruby Tandoh’s lime chicken with peach salsa in The Sunday Times Magazine looked good.
  • Decent set of ‘sharing’ lunches in The Saturday Times Weekend from an Australian cookbook by Jacqueline Alwill, including: warm radichio with quinoa and olives; salmon baked in a beetroot yoghurt; and lamb with beetroot hummus.
  • The Honey & Co duo pointed FT Weekend readers in the direction of chocolate financiers and a cold glass of milk.
  • And there was a nice cinnamon custard tart from Nadiya in The Times Magazine.


Weekend Menu, 9 and 10 July 2016

Hispi, cashew and apricot salad with sesame and lime

Gary Usher, The Guardian Weekend Magazine

Lamb chops with walnut salsa and honey

Diana Henry, The Sunday Telegraph ‘Stella’

Saffron ice cream sandwiches

Yogam Ottolenghi, The Guardian Weekend Magazine

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