Supplemental #110

Right. It’s a bank holiday Monday, I’m away and there are only about two people reading this (hi). So #Supplemental is in list format today. I scrolled quickly through things, so may well have missed a gem or two; if that’s the case, then comment below and I’ll add.

  • A great mid-week supper dish from Jamie Oliver in The Sunday Times: Steamed cod with champ, and a parsley, caper, cider and creme fraiche sauce.
  • Six Jane Baxter summer salads in The Times Weekend. Proper food, not dinner dodging. Take, for example, the mix of fregola, chorizo, borlotti beans, roasted sprouts, radicchio and more; and a freekeh, medjool date, apple and Jerusalem artichoke ensemble.
  • More freekeh over at the FT Weekend, with Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich’s tempting recipe for chicken shish with pea, freekeh and feta.
  • Is it sunny back in England? How about tandoori sea bream on today’s BBQ (Saturday Times Magazine)?
  • Or, head to The Telegraph’s internet pages for a collection of BBQ recipes, including Richard Turner’s intriguing milk and honey brined pork chops; and Diana Henry’s poussin with za’atar and pumkin hummus.
  • Burrata starters from Stephen Harris in Saturday’s Telegraph.
  • And Venetian ting in Sunday’s Telegraph, via Ben Tish and Skye McAlpine.
  • Head over heals for Tommi Miers’ flattened tandoori chicken thighs with mango relish, and also the chilled coconut jasmine rice with alphonso mangoes in The Guardian’s Weekend magazine.
  • A light, reassuring cuddle from Nigel Slater in Sunday’s Observer, via clams, mussels and bacon in a fish broth; and poached sea bass with mushrooms and ginger.
  • On a similar but perhaps more calorific comfort theme, Clair Ptak’s baking column in Saturday’s Cook focused on brioche. Get your loaf on, or use it in a strawberry bread and butter pudding – tis almost the season after all.
  • There was another ‘serious breakfast’ column by Yotam Ottolenghi in Saturday’s Guardian Weekend Magazine. If you’re up early reading this, and have a helluva larder, try: spring green frittata with dried Iranian limes; dried shrimp turnip cakes (and a fried egg); smoky sweetcorn, kaffir lime and tofu fritters; or pecan and coconut granola with rhubarb and blackcurrants … No? Bank holiday cornflakes it is, then.
  • Cook’s Anna Jones prefers to make tomorrow’s breakfast the evening before. So, for we slackers, it’s too late to put together roasted strawberry and chia-kinda-bircher, or rye, vanilla malt and peach overnight oats. I like the look of that last one in particular.
  • Finally, other lovely things in Cook included Oliver Rowe’s mashed swede with baked eggs, and Yorkshire puddings filled with leeks and gruyere; plus Rachel Roddy’s baked pasta template (short pasta, mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce).

Weekend Menu, 28 and 29 May 2016

Burrata, tomato, roasted carrot and burnt onion

Stephen Harris, The Telegraph

Flattened tandoori chicken thighs with mango relish

Thomasina Miers, The Guardian

Cherry Bakewell macaroons

Nadiya Hussein, The Times Magazine

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