Supplemental #104

Not going to lie. This is a rushed, Monday morning, natural wine and golf hangover bullet point effort. You will, I hope, enjoy this more than me …

  • YES to Ottolenghi’s words on cooking rice – i.e. that it’s easy, just choose the right type for the job. Kombu and sticky ginger looks good. Also the saffron and broad bean paella.
  • Yes, too, to Meera Sodha’s four ways with mangoes in the Guardian’s ‘Cook’. Really intrigued by the mango and paneer salad in particular.
  • Also in Cook (among other things): gorgeous leek and mussel tagliatelle (and words) by Rachel Roddy; a Korean feast from Jourdan Bourke; and Claire Ptak’s Amalfi lemon desserts – little spelt cakes, and a shaker pie (rind and all).
  • José Pizarro’s Basque recipes in the Observer are simple, but no doubt bold if you can pick up quality ingredients – whether that’s fresh John Dory to roast, or ripe tomatoes and jamon for a soup.
  • Macaroni, anchovy and purple sprouting broccoli cheese is one for the mid-week supper list, thanks to Thomasina Miers in the Guardian.
  • In the FT Weekend, Rowley Leigh suggested asparagus, tomatoes and tonnata sauce (made with fresh, tuna steak (confit)), and I agreed.
  • There were lots of cakes in The Sunday Times, all thanks to Chetna Makan and her book The Cardamom trail. I liked the idea of black sesame and lime, and also peanut chocolate brownies.
  • Nadiya Hussein thrust cardamom upon a Madeira cake in Saturday’s Times Magazine.
  • It was a Donna Hay week for those pages too. So ‘FAST’ and ‘EASY’ words etc were applied to things like fish larb with noodles and chilli, and grilled chicken with green chilli and corn salsa.
  • Nathan Outlaw’s new book was this weekend in The Telegraph (last week, The Sunday Times). But I’m not complaining – I love the idea of cockles and seaweed risotto; gin cured sea trout and apple and fennel; monkfish, bean and bacon stew.
  • Read Stephen Harris on roasting lamb.
  • And, finally, also read excerpts from Freddie Jansen’s ‘Pickled’ book in The Sunday Telegraph Stella mag. Must have a go at the pickled plums recipe.

Weekend Menu, 9 and 10 April 2016

Gin cured sea trout, fennel and apple

Nathan Outlaw, The Telegraph

Kerala fish curry with mango and coconut

Meera Sodha, The Guardian, Cook

Amalfi lemon shaker pie

Claire Ptak, The Guardian, Cook

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