Supplemental #102

It’s Easter weekend, yet there’s no rest for Supplemental McSupplementalface. To be fair, all I’ve really done is pick some rhubarb and eat lots of chocolate whilst Mum cooked. But, still, I’ve also scanned the papers, and below are the recipe highlights. You. Are. Welcome.

  • Mark Hix confirmed he won’t be continuing in The Independent’s new digital format. Which is a significant moment given he and Jason Lowe have been providing recipes and photos pretty much every Saturday for the last 14 years. His final column featured 3 recipes very much of his style: a little bit British, a little Asian influence, and a Hix product name drop. Loved the look of honey and orange roast suckling pig (with a Chinese black vinegar, soy and honey glaze); ditto perry and Hix Eau de vie cherry jellies.
  • Felicity Cloake’s new book ‘The A-Z of Eating’ featured in The Sunday Times’ magazine. With scran like rolled lamb breast and green sauce, grilled chicken on a toast trencher and spicy peanut butter noodles, it’s right up my Strasse.
  • Saturday’s Times provided flavour heavy and very desirable Italian recipes via Francesco Mazzei. Things like rolled lamb leg, chard and cannelloni; stuffed calamari; pistachio cake; spaghetti vongole, nduja and lemon and more.
  • Check out Uncle Nigel’s malt loaf and marmalade malt loaf pudding in the Observer. [Insert wide eyed emoji]
  • Diana Henry wrote about soft spring cheeses – ricotta, burrata, goat’s cheese. Big fan of the ricotta, candied peel and pistachio ice cream idea.
  • José Souto – an excellent chef lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College – gave Telegraph readers 3 venison recipes from his Game book.
  • ‘Twas one of the quarterly FT Weekend food specials. Rowley Leigh suggested a hogget shoulder feast followed by a cracking ginger custard tart with rhubarb.
  • If you’re up early (and have the ingredients), perhaps cook up Tommy Miers’ mushroom and eggs en cocotte for Easter Monday brunch.
  • Blimey. Rachel Roddy’s courgettes and egg linguine in the Guardian Cook looked ace.
  • Ditto the Duck Soup ‘charred’ recipes in their second Cook Residency piece. I could taste as I read (and salivated): burnt courgettes, sheep’s milk yoghurt and za’atar; charred quail, curry spiced tahini and burnt lime; and charred broad beans, garlic yoghurt and sumac.
  • Of Ottolenghi’s chickpea recipes in the Graun, the one I most fancied was rose harissa chickpeas with flaked cod.
  • Last but not least in this round-up, Claire Ptak’s baking column included a fairly classical hot cross bun recipe. If you (mistakenly) think that season’s already passed and want to bake something else, read beyond the buns for her molasses, orange and yoghurt doughnuts. Wowsers.


Weekend Menu, 26 and 27 March 2016

Burnt courgettes, sheep’s milk yoghurt and za’atar

Tom Hill and Claire Lattin, The Guardian ‘Cook’

Orange and honey roast suckling pig

Mark Hix, The Independent

Molasses, orange and yoghurt doughnuts

Claire Ptak, The Guardian ‘Cook’

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