Raw Duck eggs

Raw duck eggs …

… are probably not that nice for breakfast.

I suspect someone, somewhere puts them in a Vitamix, along with cottage cheese, chia seeds, maca powder and swamp water, then blitzes them up to glug down after an hour working on their man cleavage. But this site isn’t really about that.

Rather, I write to note that I had a late breakfast a few weeks ago at a Hackney brunch-coffee-lunch-come-natural-wine-bar place called Raw Duck, and very much enjoyed their ‘Turkish eggs’. The simple but notable twist to normal fried egg on toasted sourdough being that they served a dollop of yoghurt on the side, topped with a teaspoon of harissa and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. I didn’t think this made the egg particularly Turkish, but it was a good little combo.

I’ve taken to doing the same. We tend to have a pot of harissa going stale in the fridge and if I’m lucky I’m allowed the scrapings of the yoghurt pot, so it’s basically as convenient a condiment as a squeeze of tomato ketchup. Chuck in a Disco plate and a bit of chorizo or a ‘perfectly ripe’ but totally underwhelming avocado from Waitrose, and you’ve a half decent brunch.

So. Raw Duck’s eggs. No biggy – neither a restaurant write up, nor a recipe – but it might tempt a few of you to go all continental on your fry up, which makes them just about worth a mention. Bon weekend.

Ingredients: bread, eggs, Greek yoghurt, harissa, dried chilli flakes. Method: go figure.

www.rawduckhackney.co.uk – 5 Amhurst Road, E8 1ll – 020 89866534