On The Side

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Cookbook #1 … first published in 2017.

On the Side is a sourcebook of inspirational side dishes. It encourages cooks to make more of the trimmings, rather than end up with uninspiring and / or overcooked mush. Sides make up the majority of your meal, so don’t neglect them.

The recipes are interesting enough to individually inspire the other things you’re cooking; indeed, within the pages are 140 recipes that require just a little effort, but will make a big impact on your meal.

If you’ve already fixed your mind on the centrepiece, there’s also a comprehensive directory at the back to guide you to recipes in the book that’ll work with it.

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A revolutionary cookbook that moves the humble side dish to centre stage

“Full of recipes I want to cook and eat.” Yotam Ottolenghi

“This is both a beautiful and eminently useful cookbook. I know it will often be pulled out from my kitchen shelves.”  Anna Jones

“A lifelong fan of ‘bits on the side’, the joyous accompaniments to the main course, I am thrilled to see them taking centre stage. I want to eat every recipe in this book.” Nigel Slater