Pitt Cue Co. by Tom Adams

Pitt Cue Co.: The cookbook
Tom Adams and Jamie Berger
Published by Octopus, Mitchell Beazley
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The restaurant Pitt Cue Co. launched Britain’s pulled pork and pickleback fascination.

Well, technically it was a food truck at the beginning, not the restaurant that it is today. Tellingly, rather than rapidly expanding to become a mini chain serving fast food, they just got better and better, focusing on the quality of meat they use and quality technique.

The book, by founder Tom Adams, tells you all you need to know for making pulled pork, but also a lot more: great sides and desserts, the science behind what’s going on. This is an excellent book for anyone who’s seriously into their meat.

Who should have it?

Carnivores. BBQ fans.

Recipes to look out for

Pulled pork shoulder; house sausage; mead braised lettuce, carrots and onions.

If you’re already a fan

Seven Fires by Francis Mallman; Hog by Richard Turner; Or Neil Rankin’s Low and Slow: how to cook meat.