Pact coffee – filtered through the postbox

Read on for a bargainous coffee offer …

It started about six or seven years ago: first, with the occasional espresso (because anything longer was horrible); then, when living in France, a daily cafétiere and a shorter hit after lunch whilst everyone else was having a ciggy and being characteristically work shy; later, back in London, the odd flat white or piccolo as I begrudgingly accepted that Antipodeans probably had been doing it better (but were now over here and sorting us out); today, a daily, measured, filter coffee at breakfast and maybe something else later on.

This coffee thing isn’t an addiction. I just really like it.

Not any old tat, though – I’m a firm believer that life is too short to drink shit coffee. Which is a problem. Coffee shops are expensive (often more than £3 for a filter) and even for an itinerant, central London living cyclist like me, access to quality beans is rarely convenient (Square Mile, Workshop, Monmouth are my usual go to’s).

Step forward Pact coffee – one of a growing number of mail delivery options for fresh, small batch roasted coffee in the UK.

I suppose there are three important factors to an offering like this: the quality of the coffee, the cost and the convenience. I’m on my third bag, and I think Pact are on to a good thing.

The coffee itself has stood up well – way better than a supermarket option, comparable with a decent coffee shop bag, perhaps not as nuanced as, say, the best Square Mile batches. The first roast I tried was fine but forgettable, but I am really enjoying both the Nyoni Peaberry and the Capim Branco at the moment (both pictured above).

Cost wise it’s about right – £6.95 per 250g (approx £28 per kilo) puts Pact on the same level as most independent coffee roasters’ medium priced beans. In this case, though, that price includes shipping. I use 17-18g per brew, so a pack lasts me two weeks and costs about 50p per morning.

Which brings us to convenience – and that’s definitely Pact’s strongest point. Coffee is ground to order (if you want that) for next day delivery, there’s no ongoing commitment when signing up, shipments can be changed or cancelled at any time, the package fits through a post box, they’ve a very clear and simple website and ordering process, and are extremely helpful on the phone. Nice work.

If you fancy trying them out, go to and use the Rocket and Squash reader code RSCOFFEE to get a 250g bag for £1.

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