#OGR: the Marmite roll, Albion

OK, so here’s a new feature that’ll pop up every ten days or so.

It will cover some new places and some old ones, some that aren’t worth a full review in themselves, and others that are, but won’t get that treatment here. Because it’s not actually the place, per se, that’s getting the write up; rather, this feature focuses on that One Good Reason to go there.

In some cases, that reason will be one among many. In others, there’ll be no basis for darkening the door any longer than it takes to purchase and maybe eat or drink that item (if you can’t just take it away).

I’m certain many of my posts will be on well known house specials. But others should be about little gems that you may not be aware of. It is also possible that one or two will provide you with not so subtle notice of an under the counter, off menu, outside the good’s entrance, one week only treat. If you get my drift, Red Squirrel.

So, without further ado, I give you One Good Reason to stop by the bakery at Albion café, on Boundary Street: the Marmite roll.

A soft, doughy, freshly baked white roll, the inner twists of which are liberally laced with Marmite and cheese (mozzarella, I think). It is more-ish, comforting, fairly filling, and really, really, seriously good. Best eaten when still warm from the oven, possibly with a good coffee from Allpress, which is just round the corner.

They bake a batch each morning, but not always at a particularly predictable time. What is predictable, though, is that the batch will be gone within the hour. Watch the Albion bakery’s twitter feed (@Albionsoven) for advance warning or, as I have been advised in the past, phone before you go to check their availability and to avoid disappointment. Details below.

Other items are available from the bakery and in the café. None, in my opinion, are quite as good.


Albion Café, 2-4 Boundary St, E2 7DD – 02077291051

One Good Reason

The Marmite roll. £1.60.