Nose to Tail by Fergus Henderson

Nose to Tail: A kind of British cooking
Fergus Henderson
Published by Bloomsbury
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A uniquely written, inspirational cookbook from one of the most influential chefs of the last 30 years. The idea of using every part of an animal makes so much sense now, but it wasn’t always thus. His prose is humourous, matter of fact and helpful, the food honest and flavoursome. To my mind, it’s essential.

Who should have it?

Any fan of food.

Recipes to look out for

Blood cake and fried egg; crispy pig’s tails; sorrel, chicory and crispy ear salad

If you’re already a fan

Have you also got Beyond Nose to Tail; a kind of British Cooking Part II? Alternatively, a couple of years ago Bloomsbury helpfully put both books into one almighty tome.