Market eggs, kimchi butter (and other stories)

Market eggs

Towards the end of last year I spent a couple of days showing the crew from Kitchen Stories around Borough Market.

We began, as you regularly should, with eggs, black pudding, beans and bubble and squeak at Maria’s Market Café. Then took in the many and varied sights, smells and sounds of the Market, while stopping to make doughnuts at Bread Ahead, talk about heritage breed beef at Northfields Farm, taste olives at their oils Oliveology, nduja at De Calabria, ferments at Eaten Alive, and finally a sit down with a glass of wine and some Calabrian anchovies and British lardo on toast at Flor.

As most of you will know, I’m a pretty frequent visitor to the Market. But there’s always something new to see, and it’s also a pleasure to introduce others to it for the first time.

Borough means different things to everyone, but for me it’s a place to shop — for seasonal ingredients, for speciality ingredients, for quality items that make creating delicious food at home easy. I think Ruby and the team were converted, but you can tell for yourself by having a read of their articles about the trip, which include a 15 minute film of us taking in all the stops referenced above (and more). Even with the cringe factor of watching myself on screen, I think it’s a nice watch. Take a look.

Kimchi butter

As mentioned, to my mind the best way to experience Borough Market (or indeed any produce market), it was actually buy things to cook with, not just wander and sample. So we did that too.

Having taken Ruby and co to the production facility of Eaten Alive — traders at the Market who specialise in ferments and hot sauces — we picked up a couple of jars of kimchi from their stall, as well as some onglet from Northfields Farm, and celeriac and parsley via Chegworth Valley.

I then showed them how to make kimchi butter, and used that to cook and flavour the steak, plus a cheeky kimchi butter celeriac rosti. If you fancy having a go yourself, take a look at the recipe (and video) over here.

All in all, a fun couple of days, and good to see how recipe platforms like Kitchen Stories put things together; I think their app is particularly slick.

This Borough trip and film is part of a series supported by Germany-based kitchen maker Next125, focussing on produce markets around Europe. So if you like what you see, check out the others over on Kitchen Stories’ site and app too.