#FridgeBuffet and the Thatched

That moment, just after midnight, when you go to the fridge and create the best thing you’ve eaten that day out of the most unlikely ingredients. That glorious moment that is just yours – whether enjoyed in silence, or to your favourite track; standing at the kitchen counter, or sitting dropping crumbs on the sofa; and always with a glass of something cold. That moment you’re having is a #FridgeBuffet moment.

Pata negra, guindillas, two Baby bells and a cold glass of palo cortado?

Soft cream cheese and sweet chilli sauce on a leaf of baby endive, washed down with a bottle of Brooklyn lager and honey roasted cashews?

One massive lump of your flatmate’s best parmesan, half a bar of Green and Blacks 70% and a shot of Fernet Branca?

The possibilities are endless and this ain’t no guilty pleasure: you’re a gastronomic genius and your creation should be savoured and celebrated.

If you’re curious read the origin and rules of engagement here and search the hashtag #FridgeBuffet on Twitter. You’ll find that a whole host of characters record their finest Fridge Buffet moments for the good of humanity.

I was once described by the man who started it all, Oisin Rogers (also the manager of the infamous Ship in Wandsworth and soon to be infamous Thatched House in Hammersmith), as the Wayne Rooney of #FridgeBuffet.

I still have no idea what he meant by this.

However, when he asked whether I fancied following a series of Masterchef winners and finalists in doing a pop-up night at the Thatched, I (a) said yes; and (b) thought #FridgeBuffet must play a part.

And so it shall, with three or four of my favourite #FridgeBuffet snacks acting as the intro to a blooming great, seasonal menu gifted to you for a giveaway price of £27.50.

It’s on the evening of Monday 19 November and you should definitely come.

Tickets are available here and the menu is as follows

  • A selection of #FridgeBuffet snacks
  • Bavette, seaweed, smoked butter and anchovies
  • Lamb, burnt onion purée, greens and roots
  • Quince baba and vanilla cream

(See here and here for previous moments of cooking under pressure.)

I’ve pretty much decided on what the snacks will be. But what are your favourite #FridgeBuffet moments? Maybe they’ll usurp their way on to the menu.