Eleven Pink Peppercorns (and Passion Fruits) piping

In the spirit of corporate Christmas, here’s an e-gift from me, to you, via Innocent.

You see, Innocent have been running a twelve days of Christmas ‘mocktail’ thing and I am the Pipers Piping one. Whilst it is not yet the eleventh day of Christmas (put your diary and fingers away – that’s January 4), their penultimate recipe card is being flashed around today.

So here are some introductory thoughts for you:

  • My drink is based on Pink Peppercorns.
  • Peppercorns are the dried or semi dried fruit of the Piper plant (part of the Piperaceae family).
  • Pipers Piping, pipers, peppers, peppercorns, pink peppercorns Get it? Uhm, except …
  • Pink peppercorns are not technically peppercorns rather they are the berry of the shrub Schinus molle which despite not being of the Piper genus is commonly known as the Peruvian peppertree and the pink peppercorns (which if you remember are not peppercorns but resemble peppercorns) have a peppery kick and Peter Pepper probably picks pecks of them.
  • So the Pipers Piping link is therefore tenuous at best. But hey, Father Christmas is a work of fiction too.
  • Maybe it’s more interesting to note that, as well as their pseudo peppery kick, pink peppercorns have quite a floral flavour, and, well, I really like them.
  • They pair particularly well with things like ginger, lime, mint and passion fruit.
  • So I put them in a ‘mocktail’ along with those things. It is mighty refreshing.
  • Though it’d taste better with 50ml of Cachaça, gin or vodka added.

Theres’s a cracking drink recipe in the image below. Click on it to enlarge the picture to a reasonable size. This link has the same effect.