Crave; recipes arranged by flavour to suit your mood and appetite
Ed Smith
Published by Quadrille
6 Flavour Profiles. Over 100 Recipes. Every Craving Covered.
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This isn’t a ‘review’ since there is some bias here… it’s more a heads-up about my latest cookbook, Crave; recipes arranged by flavour, to suit your mood and appetite, which will be published on 13 May 2021.

Crave is really just me gently suggesting that the best way to satisfy hunger and meal plan is to respond to base instincts; and cook what we really fancy. I think that’s best done by recognising which flavour profile we are craving: fresh and fragrant; tart and sour; chilli and heat; spiced and curried; rich and savour; or cheesy and creamy. And then cooking something that fits that theme. There are reasons, of course, for wanting those flavours – not least weather, mood and biology. And I touch on them briefly in the book. But those reasons will always be personal, so the flavours and recipes aren’t prescriptive. Cook what you want; Crave is just here to guide you.

There are over 100 recipes, broadly 1/3 meat-based, 1/3 fish, and 1/3 suitable for vegetarians. A handful of sweet dishes too (yes, even for the chilli and spice chapters).

Lots more info and teasers to come, so keep an eye (in particular) on my instagram and newsletters for that, plus incentives for pre-ordering.

On which note, you can do that here with Amazon, or here via Bookshop. Or just contact your favourite local independent store. Early orders really help how things pan out.

Format and design

Same size and format as On the Side. So they’ll sit nicely next to each other. Although not quite on the same scale as the On the Side indexing system, there is an ‘alternative directory of cravings’ at the back of Crave, if you’re more drawn to things other than flavour. For example texture; or food that suits a heatwave; or food to eat on your own. &etc.

Recipes that tempt

All of them, I hope. Some are recipes to take your time over, others are quick fixes.

Who is it for?

Home cooks — whether beginner and seeking guidance, or advanced and in want of new inspiration.