Bread, cake, doughnut, pudding by Justin Gellatly

Bread, cake, doughnut, pudding: sweet and savoury recipes from Britain's best baker
Justin Gellatly
Published by Penguin, Fig Tree
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If you only ever buy one book for sweet things, buy this one.

It’s written by the ex-St John pastry chef and now head baker at Borough Market’s Bread Ahead, and pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it really well. All bases are covered: classic British pies, cakes and puddings, custards, ice creams and of course *those* Bread Ahead doughnuts.

Though it doesn’t claim to be, Bread, cake, doughnut, pudding is a celebration of the Great British sweet tooth. If you have, or cater for someone who’s got one, then get involved.

Who should have it?

Suitable for all standards of home cook. Bakers and people with a sweet tooth.

Recipes to look out for

Doughnuts; brownies; lardy cake.

If you’re already a fan

Beyond Nose to Tail; a kind of British Cooking Part IIthe second St John Book, which Gellatly co-authored; Honey & Co: The Baking Book; and Claire Ptak’s: The Violet Bakery Cookbook