You, me and cooking

So it’s been a year since I jumped off the corporate ladder. Back then, I think I assumed that by Christmas 2012 I’d have a TV show, a couple of shops in Clapham and Notting Hill, a growing empire of chain restaurants, a Tefal range of pots and pans, my face on a Breville Sandwich toaster, and something with a silly name that doubles as a pestle and mortar, but isn’t as good and will soon be on bulk sale in TK Max.

If not that, then I would at least have made some tea towels to sell as stocking fillers.

It seems global domination takes a bit more time than a year, and I’ve clearly missed the boat on getting the tea towels ready, HOWEVER as we’re all feeling so seasonal and generous, now seems the perfect time to launch Plan B Phase 1.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas – whether to give or to receive – do have a look at my new pages on Private Tuition and Private Catering. Help your partner to cook better, expand your dinner party repertoire, or club together with a group of friends for a bit of private dining at home. You’ll see that there are some guidance rates, and also packages at a discount, but since everything is tailored to you, just drop me an email ( and we can discuss options.

If you can’t decide, Christmas gift vouchers of £50, £100 and £150 are available. Purchase these or any lessons or events by Wednesday 19 December, and I’ll send you a nice card to drop in the big sock (after that, it’ll be a pdf …).

Alternatively, here’s a link to yesterday’s post on Dragon Castle. Which is totally free. You are welcome.

5 thoughts on “You, me and cooking

  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! Mind you, I was rather shocked that Jamie and his mate made you eat a pie of turkey twizzlers (well, that’s what I thought he said) considering his opinion of them.

  2. Congratulations on your first year and thank you for brightening up many a boring afternoon in my office with your posts. I think your writing is fabulous – so please keep it coming!

  3. Ah congratulations – I am heartened by your post even if you are sans Clapham shop (can you open near me please, when you do?).

    Here’s to 2013 and meglomania. Looking forward to hearing all about the success of Plan B Phase I! xx

  4. (belated) Congratulations on the anniversary. An excellent food site. Plenty of great pictures and the frequency of your postings mean that it is worth a look every few days. Looking forward to the second year.

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