Lemon and sugar

Don’t chuff around this Shrove Tuesday. None of that “here’s something different you could do with your pancakes” nonsense. Lemon and sugar, nothing else.

On feast days, I tend to look to the methods of Delia. Here’s her basic pancake method.

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Lemon and sugar

  1. I completely agree – lemon and sugar is the way to go! I was in the US this Shrove Tuesday though, so I missed out. (Although, I did come across some Danish Ebelskiver in a cooking demonstration…) Will have to give Delia’s recipe a try one weekend.


  2. Su-yin, I’m sure yours were very tasty!
    Ute, Natalyia & Truffle – thanks for the comments; hope you enjoy some sucre-citron pancakes soon

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