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So the other week I wrote about a ‘Spanish brunch‘. I’m all for embracing other countries and cultures, me. But there’s also a time and a place for patriotism, jingoism, extreme nationalism, whatever you want to call it.

Right now (early-mid April to June) is one of those times; it’s Sparrow Grass season people.

We grow the best asparagus in the world. Fact. And in my completely biased (but also completely justified) opinion, the best of the best comes from the Vale of Evesham in Worcestershire.

It’s a travesty that tasteless, wan and sub standard varieties from Peru, Mexico and Egypt are being sold at the moment. In fact, foreign asparagus will often be easier to come across than our varieties over the next 6-8 weeks. Feck’s sake TescoWaitroseSainsburysAsdaCo-op. Sort it out.

We must play our part too and only buy asparagus from Evesham (…or Suffolk, Sussex, Warwickshire, Lincolnshire etc). Ignore all else.  The home grown stuff really does taste better [and turn your pee green].

Once puchased, eat as soon as you can; the best flavour will be gotten when the asparagus is at it’s freshest. Simply boil the little green spears in salted water and serve with butter and cracked pepper, or maybe as soldiers for a soft boiled egg.

Or wrap in Parma ham and roast. Or griddle. Or add to a risotto with some lemon or mint. Or have as a vegetable side dish with peas and mange-tout and more butter…

Or, as I did the other day, you could sort yourself a thoroughly English brunch, layering tender steamed stems of asparagus on top of a sliced buttered muffin and a couple of pieces of dry cured smoked Wiltshire ham, and just below a poached egg. Pip pip.

6 thoughts on “English brunch

  1. How did you get hold of the Evesham Grass? Available in London, or posted from the Vale?

  2. Will be growing my own Asparagus as soon as possible for now I’m off down the farmers market after reading this!

    Next up – to find a supply of local wild garlic. Our noses haven’t picked up the scent of any yet, must go foraging again soon. If only we had wild asparagus….

  3. Fantastic to see someone so passionate about our brilliant British asparagus. Delicious recipes here – simplicity, done to perfection. We’re adding you to our blog roll.

  4. Thanks for the comments all.

    Little bro, I got the grass from Waitrose – they had a few packs amongst many more from S America. We should get the old folks to ship some down this weekend though.

  5. Great shout about this weekend. Also, I think we will need to put an order in for the return visit over Easter. Might as well get as much of it whilst we can!
    We could also venture onto the Hill and collect some wild garlic. (I know just the place!)

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