Sponsored Posts

This blog has run since 2010 on the Social Network principle that adverts are not cool.

I still stick by that and am also keen to avoid spamming readers with phoney product reviews and competitions stemming from PR freebies.

However, food is my business now and I am inundated with suggestions and propositions. I will continue to reject most of them. But am open to a bit of creative marketing for brands I believe are of a certain quality and / or where a product might be of genuine interest or benefit to readers.

For the moment, such link-ups are materialising as Sponsored Posts.

Readers, these will be in addition to, not in place of, the regular line-up of one #Supplemental, one recipe and one restaurant post each week. There will rarely be more than two Sponsored Posts a month (if any at all).

Brands and PRs, do feel free to get in touch. The basic framework is set out below, though the aim is for all posts to be bespoke.

  • I only work with quality brands and products that I am happy for Rocket and Squash to be associated with. This ensures readers continue to trust the blog and also place greater value on the subject of the sponsored post.
  • Sponsored posts are written as an objective post in the typical Rocket and Squash voice. No editorial input or changes from sponsor considered.
  • Approx 500 words. This can include a recipe if appropriate (again, to fit with the natural tone of Rocket and Squash). Images by me in line with Rocket and Squash typical photography.
  • The article will be headline post for two days (published on a Wednesday, replaced as top post on Friday). Further exposure given on weekly newsletter roundup (on the following Tuesday).
  • Price on application.